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The Journey of the Creator

A Mirror of Self-Actualization. 

Balancing and building a thriving being, brand, or business that aligns with your soul is far from a smooth operation. It's a journey of ups and downs, obstacles and opportunities, destruction and reconstruction. Rendering a new reality, living your most potent version, and putting your gift into the world requires overcoming tremendous inner resistance, but on the other side lies an enormous field of resonance.

The ability to create yourself in the off- and online space has never been bigger, yet most don't know how to maintain a healthy and wealthy relationship with their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state. There is no energetic equilibrium nor an understanding of the inner workings of life. The ability to listen to your voice is lost in a world of noise.

The Anatomy of the Avatar™ program provides you with the codes of creation along the adventure of self-actualization. It teaches you how to navigate and narrate within the nuance of everyday existence while consciously crafting the lifestyle design of your dreams.

Having a compass, course, and community ─ a light in your life ─ on the path of transformation helps you stay on track, reveals your blindspots, and amplifies your strengths. Co-creation enhances your energy beyond individual limits and elevates your essence when the days feel darker.


Answer The Call of The Conscious



The Anatomy of the Avatar™ program is made for those ready to embrace their gifted potential without escaping the shadows of the past.

This isn't about making you a mere machine of discipline and accountability, it's about awakening a deep sense of devotion and accessibility to the intelligence of life, where you truly feel connected to who you are in this world.

The aim is to guide you beyond the restlessness, confusion, and desensitization of the overwhelming information age into an era of embodiment and empowerment. Spark a deep commitment to yourself and an open curiosity to see and sense the wonderful world that lies at your feet.

No more feeling lost, drained, and directionless. Curate your vision and cultivate a new condition. Tap into the deep layers of calmness and higher consciousness.


If you're ready to move your life from...


scared to sacred
drifting to devoting
restricted to resolved
coping to conquering
surviving to thriving
rushed to relaxed


then the AOTA™ program is for you.


If you want to forge your path, live on your terms, and bring your beliefs and behaviors to the next level, then this is for you. This is the space where your story meets your body, your energy meets reality, and self-mastery meets source destiny.


This is the space for; 

Holistic Healers / Experience Engineers & Explorers / Content Creators & Conscious Coaches / Brand Builders & Digital Designers / Hungry Humans & Inspired Individuals / World Wielders & Perception Pioneers


AOTA™ is a manifesto for multidimensional metamorphosis, lasting change that speaks to your soul. No more running away to short-term tricks, unhealthy hacks, band-aid solutions, and empty pursuits. Trust your divine template, loosen the reins on reality, and welcome wonder.

The AOTA Curriculum

Teachings of Transformation that Transcend Time.

1. The 8 Dimensions - avatar assessment.

2. The Origin of Omnipotence - the core of conscious self-creation.

3. Energetic Equilibrium - the shadow & shine 

4. The 4 Archetypes - states & stages of self-creation.

5. The Map of Metamorphosis - transitioning transformation.

 6. Avatar Alchemy - reality recomposition with practices, principles, protocols, and prompts.

7. The Conscious Compass - how to navigate and narrate within the nuanced landscape of life and everyday existence?


All lessons are presented in a visual format and can be watched on this digital platform or application. Expect guidebooks, educational videos, challenges, worksheets, but also live Q&A's, and masterclasses plus recordings.

I'm ready!

Anatomy of the Avatar 


- Avatar Almanack: Workbook 

- Avatar Academy: Online Curriculum (7 lessons) 

- Avatar Alliance: Biweekly Live Q&A + Discord Community

- Avatar Archive: Masterclasses & Enchanting Conversations with Experts


12h+ of Conscious Content with Lifetime Access - Q&A's every other Monday at 8 pm CET

The program is self-paced — you may access the material whenever you want.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.



See you on the other side!



$1260 $630

AOTA™ Curriculum + Community

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$1280 $650

AOTA™ Curriculum + Community

+ The Spiritual Solopreneur Guidebook: 

From Offline Self to Online Service.

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$1560 $930

AOTA™ Curriculum + Community

+ The Spiritual Solopreneur Guidebook: 

From Offline Self to Online Service.

+ 1hr Strategy Session (1:1)

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Coach & Creator

Arno Schurmans


As someone who couldn’t find the magical match that encompasses all dimensions of self-development, I know what it's like being trapped and frustrated in your own being, not living up to your potential - and if you too are stuck I want to guide you towards your most enlightened and embodied self.

Over the past five years Arno has been working as a mentor full-time, guiding yoga teachers, deejays, professional poker and football players, fashion designers, career coaches, financial advisors, spiritual healers, restaurant owners, business leaders, and established entrepreneurs.

Definition & Direction

Anatomy of the Avatar

Exploring the Lost Art of Self-Creation


Avatar - in ancient philosophical contexts, it represents the physical embodiment or manifestation of a deity or supreme being. In a more advanced sense, it refers to a digital representation of an individual in virtual spaces.

The Avatar merges the (meta)physical with the digital, and symbolizes ideals, aspirations, or alternate existences. It is the Primordial Archetype of Self-Creation.

Anatomy - refers to the structure and components of an organism. Here it suggests a deep & detailed understanding of the fundamental elements that make up your entity that exists between the ego of self and the echo of source.

The lost art of self-creation - the idea that there was a time when people were actively engaged in the creative process of shaping their own identities, values, beliefs, and overall life path. Challenging societal norms and cultural conditioning, questioning external influences, and reclaiming personal agency in the face of conformity. It's an art form that may be fading or is undervalued in the modern world.

Exploration - a deliberate and open-minded investigation or journey. It suggests a willingness to delve into one’s own thoughts, emotions, desires, and experiences. It also implies a sense of curiosity and a readiness to embrace and act on new perspectives and visions.

Refund Policy


Your purchase is risk-free. If you don’t resonate with the AOTA program, email me at [email protected] within 3 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

In case you make that decision, note that you will be removed from the educational platform as well as the Discord channel and no longer have access to the program material and community.

Words of Wonder


"I really love what you're putting out - it's just bang on."  ─ Zaheer Merali

 "Very few people have this concept or clarity in life. Thanks for making people aware of this beautiful and eye-opening way of living life."  ─ Grishma Patel

"My mind felt like it was being massaged as I went through your videos."  ─ Brenda Kipchoge

"Your work needs to be shared with more people, it's special."  ─ Matheus Felix

"You have no idea how helpful your videos have been for me the last few weeks. Thanks!"  ─ Vane Prats

"I feel deeply touched by your content. It sparks a fire and longing inside of me, and I appreciate you focusing on the teachings instead of yourself! That's truly special." ─ Julia Heller

"You are a remarkable human. Your wisdom has been immeasurably valuable to me, in the short time I have been following you; a touchstone in a deeply liminal period for me. Thank you!" ─ Glenn O'Hearne

"Unreal man! Super well put together! Clarifies and gives trust in my own thinking capacity of how reality unfolds." ─ Jurriën Oscar

"It's fucking crazy, but you really changed my life. And you are always going this 'extra mile'. I'm so grateful to have your support." ─ Ana Faber

"I want to thank you for making me believe in myself. Making me see that the world I want is in my creative field." ─ Joël Mangé

"This guy shares gold." ─ William Ruiz

"You are creating a new mindset in me, to say the least." ─ Chest Henry

"Thanks for such clear symbolism and instruction. It's been valuable for navigating these elements in myself today." ─ Laron Rhone

 "Thank you, Arno, for coming into my life. You have shown me a possibility that I never knew before. Every time I see you or hear you talk you give me energy, a strive to be a better person!" ─ Jens Caluwe

"I have rarely encountered people who speak truthful, heartfelt, and wise words as you do in your videos. It is both an enlivening and enlightening blessing for all to hear and read. Thank you for your purposeful presence here in this time and age" ─ Bryan Mcormick

"I absolutely love every message that you share it's so genuine and true. You have a gift to communicate in a really clear way." ─ Jose Araya

"It's like drinking water from a mountain spring." ─ Diamond

"I've said it before but I'll say it again. Thank you for all the inspiration, clarity, and support you have given me." ─ Elvira Lundgren

"Your work is absolutely beautiful. Resonó con mi ser de la manera más profunda." ─ Nour Milla

"Always so clear and empowering. It's clear that you have put in a lot of work to gain clarity around yourself so you can guide others." ─ Jenny Hsu

"Beautifully brilliant and insightful." ─ Maticus Cortez

"Simple and clear without sacrificing truth and depth." ─ Karen Tran